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Landscaping Services

AAL Services provides clean and detailed landscaping services to residential and commercial customers. These services include mowing, weed-eating, and tree trimming.


Planting Services & Custom Landscaping

Whether you are requesting planting services for a new and colorful appearance, or custom landscaping, we provide it all. From herb gardens to xeriscaping, you can count on us to deliver results beyond expectations. At AAL Services in Austin, Texas, we provide landscaping services, as well as pruning services to residential and commercial customers. As a landscaping company with extensive experience, we take pride in ensuring your satisfaction every time.

Mowing Services
Our mowing services include the use of a mulching lawn mower and a weed eater. These mulch up the grass and place it back on the ground. For grass to grow properly, it's ideal to mow every two weeks, however in winter months the mowing can be reduced.

Edging & Weed Eating
There is nothing like a freshly trimmed clean lawn. Cleaning up the edges of your sidewalk, driveway and other areas those pesky weeds seem to grow, is an additional service we offer.

Pruning Services
There are two different pruning services; the first is trimming hedges and shrubs, and the second is trimming trees. We can trim any size tree by lifting the canopy and ensuring it doesn't grow too low.  Removal of small tree stumps is also offered.
Once a tree is 20 feet or taller, it is considered to be a very large tree. Our cut-off for trees is at 15 feet tall, anything over that we refer you to a different company that has bigger equipment.

Contact us today for more information about our Landscaping services.

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