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AAL Services is currently on track to trade publicly as an over-the-counter (OTC ) stock by December 2022. Our ultimate goal is to trade on the New York Stock Exchange at some future date. Our annual stockholder meeting occurs in late December; as a stockholder, you will be notified in writing of the precise date, time and location, using the address we have on file for you. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that AAL Services has your current contact information.

AAL Services is a privately held corporation. Being privately held, we cannot engage in paid or nonpaid advertising directed to the general public in order to promote the sale of our shares. However, individual shareholders wishing to sell their shares can advertise by any means they choose to find a buyer. AAL Services is never obligated to buy back outstanding shares, although we may do so if a shareholder formally offers to sell their shares to the company. Such a request would be considered and voted upon by the company officers and Board of Directors, with a majority of voting shares prevailing.

AAL Services currently has two types of shares, common and preferred . As a common shareholder, you can vote at our annual shareholders meeting. As a preferred shareholder, you can attend our annual meeting but may not vote.

The minimum par value of AAL Services common shares is $0.01 USD, and the minimum par value of AAL Services preferred shares also is $0.01 USD. Under Texas law, the shares may not be sold for less than the minimum par value.

Selling your stocks although we are not traded publicly, you can sell AAL Services shares to a private buyer. To do so, you and the buyer would need to draw up and sign a purchase contract and send a copy to AAL; and you would need to fill out the assignment form on the back of your stock certificate, and send the certificate to AAL as well. We would then issue a new stock certificate to your buyer, and a new stock certificate to you, if you had any shares remaining from the sale.


Currently, AAL Services does not pay dividends, and we are not buying back shares at this time. However, both circumstances could change in the future if the company officers and Board of Directors voted to do so.


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