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AAL's  Healthy Yard Newsletter

welcome to our first newsletter of the year. February is here, and so is more rain. Winter isn't quite over yet folks but the occasional sunshine is perking up your grass and were out there on it!  Time to dust those gloves off and maybe start tilling that garden patch you have in mind for this year. Check that weather for any dramatic changes, it is Texas after all! 

A few handy tips and links.

What to plant

Fruit and nut trees as well as roses are a good start. We recommend both male and female trees be planted nearby each other so our friendly and precious bees can do their work as well as providing delicious fruit for your family. Keep and eye out for our upcoming Bee's article. We love bee's and bee's love flowering trees and pants. Together our crew aim to help you maintain a healthy sustainable lifetime for humans and bee's in harmoney. 

In early to Mid-February its time to plant those vegetables. Carrots, sugar snap peas, spinach, lettuce, Irish potatoes, broccoli transplants, turnips and swish chard just to name but a few. Also grapes, blueberries and blackberries for the most delicious jams and jellies ever!  Heres a link to our favorite recipe you can make in your home. Many thanks to for this recipe Blueberry-Blackberry jam. If you need help and want us to plant them for you just give us a call at 512 201 0402. 


A few words about compost. Sometimes it can seem like such an ordeal. We want to show you how easy and simple it is as throwing out your garbage. Its always a good idea to compost all year round and as spring approaches temperatures increase. Mulch begins to cook. Soon you will be able to make good use of it in your garden. Let us know if you have your own mulch that you would like to add to your garden or we can bring some pre-made bagged mulch. Later in the year we will be writing "a how to" of composting for the everyday homeowner. 

Coming up next month we will talk about the pros and cons of sod over grass seed. Instant gratification in some cases is necessary when appeasing your HOA but seed may actually last longer. Well discuss these things and more next March. Stay tuned this page for more seasonal tips, tricks, and suggestions from AAL's Healthy Yard!

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